The effect of a home exercise program on health status and depression level during Corona pandemic

Document Type : Original Article


Exercises and gymnastics department, faculty of physical education, Sadat city university*


This Study aimed to design a home exercise program to raise the level of some health variables (weight - body mass - pulse rate - blood pressure - vital capacity - cardiorespiratory fitness - muscle fitness) and the level of depression for the research sample . The researchers used the experimental method for the current study. The sample was chosen deliberately among (39 ) persons (30) as a basic sample and (9 ) persons as an exploratory sample . The researchers used systems of measurement : Rotameter to measure height - Spirometer device - Medical scale calibrated to measure weight . The Conclusions was that training program using home exercises positively affects the health variables (weight, body mass index , pulse rate , systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, vital capacity) of the sample under investigation . The researchers recommended building sports programs that care about the health status of individuals and rely on the diversity of methods used , Studying many other variables related to health and ways to improve them and Linking psychological variables with physical variables.


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