Peer Review Process

Peer reviewing process 

1-  Journal are receiving 3 copies of the paper Plus an electronic copy on CD according to the conditions of publication within the journal.

2-   The amount of the fees shall be determined according to the scientific journal list in terms of the number of researchers, the language of research and their nationality.

3-   The researcher is directed to pay the fees according to the issuance of a payment authorization and bring a receipt from the treasury of the college.

4-   Registration of the researcher's data on the journal database electronically.

5-   Determining and selecting the arbitrators according to the research specialization and sending them to the e-mail after deleting the data of the researcher (s) with the electronic reviewing form.

6-   Give a maximum of two weeks to return the reviewing form.

7-   Send the amendments, if any, to the researcher (s) to implement them and prepare the final copy of the research and make sure to make the amendments through the editorial staff of the Journal.

8-   In case of refusal of one of the reviewer to search and send reasons for refusal and acceptance of the other reviewer is sent a copy of the research to a third arbitrator for an opinion.

9-   Upon receipt of the final version of the research is issued a letter of acceptance of publication of the research.

10-  The final version shall be prepared according to the order of the research so that it can be printed and the volume issued.