A case study of leading football matches for some international teams

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Co-professor - physical education department- Al-Baha university


The study aimed to find out the percentage of times of goal scoring and substitutions during the leadership of some World Cup qualifying matches (2018 - Russia). And also to identify the relationship of goal scoring with substitution times during the leadership of some World Cup matches (2018 - Russia), and the researcher used the descriptive research method, and the sample was chosen by the intentional method and it complied with some teams in the World Cup (2018 - Russia), and their number ( 8) Teams, specifically the qualifying teams for the quarter-finals (Russia, Uruguay, France, Croatia, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, and England), and it was reached that the highest percentage of players switching was in the second half by (60%) in the minutes (76 - 90), and that the highest number of goals reached (4) goals, ranging between (66.7-80%), in the times between (45-60) (61-75) in the second half while leading the games. As well as the existence of a significant correlation between goals scoring times and substitutions for teams (Russia, Uruguay, France, Croatia, Sweden, Belgium) in the World Cup matches (2018 - Russia). The researcher recommended the following: Try to use substitutions as much as possible in the minutes (76-90) to score goals, as well as making use of goal scoring times by making technical substitutions and tactical changes in the appropriate time period in light of match conditions.


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