Faculty members’ competencies in the students 'point of view

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant professor in the Department Of Curriculum and Teaching Methods Faculty of Physical Education for Girls, Helwan University, Egypt


The purpose of this study was to identify the professional competencies of the faculty of physical education members from students’ point of view, second identify gender point of views differences from the students about proficiency competencies. The study population were (600) students from the Faculties of Physical Education for males and females. Professional competencies questionnaire were handed out to 600 undergraduate students at two faculties of physical education. The result of the study identified seven types of competencies, personal competencies, planning competencies, administrative competencies teaching competencies, technological competencies, social competencies, and evaluative competencies, in assumption of that such competencies are key factors in the educational process in higher education, to be evaluated through the point of view of the students of two faculties of physical education in Cairo, one for women, and one for men. The study followed the descriptive methodology, and used a questionnaire form, the results of which have come as consistent with the literature preview, previous studies, and to validate the study hypotheses.


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