The Effect of Using a Computer-based Multimedia Educational Program on Learning Some Basic Skills in Tennis

Document Type : Original Article


1 *Assistant Professor, Department of Elderly Sport, Faculty of Physical Education for Boys, Helwan University

2 Assistant professor, Faculty of Physical Education, Al-Azhar University


The present research aims at identifying the effect of a computer-based multimedia educational program on the level of skills performance of three basic tennis skills (grip, forehand shot, and backhand shot). The researchers used the experimental method in examining the effect of the proposed program. Participants were randomly selected from the students of the 3rd year at the Faculty of Physical Education, Al-Azhar University, and divided into two groups: an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group used the proposed computer-based program for learning the basic skills, while the control group used traditional methods of instruction in learning the same skills. The results show that both the control and experimental groups improved with respect to the examined skills. However, by comparing the post-test measurements of the two groups, it was evident that the experimental group outperformed the control group.


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