Noninvasive method to determine severity of sports injury for elite soccer players

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Assistance professor at faculty of physical education for boys, Helwan University, Egypt


Many pathological processes lead to increased production of free radicals that targets critical macromolecules such as proteins, DNA. Lipids and extracellular matrix. Malondialdehyde may be used as an index of free radical. Hence, our objective was to investigate the relationship between the biochemical responses and degree of sports injury intensity for elite soccer players. Twenty five elite soccer players from the Amman club (the first team) suffer from musculoskeletal injuries (strain, sprains and dislocation) divided into three groups according to the three degrees of sports injury, urine samples and blood samples were drawn, urinary Malondialdehyde was analyzed using the spectrometer, together with serum CK and LDH. The correlation was statistically estimated between Malondialdehyde result and creatine Phosphokinase and lactate dehydrogenizes enzymes.


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