Mental training for increasing multi responses skills to overcome defensive situations for handball players

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Helwan university - Faculty of physical education


Contemporary communities are in continuous search for training strategies to promote the innovative solutions that are capable of enhancing. Most recently, research has emphasized increasing creativity and one of the most well-known tools for creative thinking is brainstorming. therefore, in order to raise the level of skills for the handball players through brainstorming, the significance of this study emerged, Brainstorming method gives the chance for players to think freely with out restrictions during different competitive situations by generating and sharing ideas to innovate a lot of new skills. Thus, study carries out the effect of brainstorming method on developing creative abilities for handball players in competitions .Twenty- male handball players (16 years old) participated in a brainstorming training program three sessions per week for a period of three months. Each brainstorming session lasted 20-25 minutes. The players have innovated two new technical skills that named as the Pendulum and the rotational shooting.


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