The Effects of Three Teaching Methods (based on W.A- CECS Teaching Guideline) on The Speed of Learning and The Performance Level of Pole Vault’s Technical Characteristics for P.E Students

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Sheikh Zayed , GIZA, D 3 SEC 2 BUILDING 16


The purpose of this study is to compare 3 different approaches methods to the teaching of the pole vault. So, this study proposed only three steps as a practical teaching progression, to be introduced in two different teaching methods, one of them starting only with practical demonstration, and the second using the integration of theoretical and practical demonstration, Aiming to compare both of them and W.A-CECS teaching method, to identify the most effective teaching method to make the students being able to learn pole vault quicker and more effectively of the performance level of pole vault’s technical characteristics for 24 non-experienced students of physical education faculty, The Experimental design with (post-measurements) has been used two Experimental groups and one control group

the results show that The recommended practical teaching progression of the three steps used in this research for both experimental groups can effectively achieve better teaching results, especially in learning duration time and the best height vaulting, compared with the W.A CECS teaching method.

The recommended teaching method, using the theoretical approach for the second experimental group, as well as, the recommended practical teaching progression of the three steps (grass & sand pit vaulting) has a significant difference in most variables of pole vault technical characteristics (In pole grip, approach and plant phase and takeoff and penetration phase.


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