A training program based on some muscle contractions method's ‎using the “Foam Roller” tool to improve some physical variables for ‎volleyball team, Helwan university

Document Type : Original Article


Training of sports games, Faculty of Physical Education, ‎helwan University‎, cairo, Egypt


The aim of this study was to identify the effect of a training program based on ‎some muscle contractions method's through proprioceptive/PNF using 1- ‎Relaxation Technique RT (Contract-Relax CR, Hold Relax HR, Contact-Hold-‎Relax CHR), 2- Reversal Of Antagonists RA (Slow Reversal SR, Slow Revesal–‎Hold SRH, Slow Revesal. Hold-Relax SR.HR), supported by Foam Roller and ‎knowing effect of training program on developing some physical abilities (front ‎flexibility, back and thigh flexibility, back flexibility "spine flexibility", ‎flexibility of the arms/shoulders horizontally, accuracy of arm guidance/steering, ‎reaction speed) to volleyball team, Helwan university. The researcher used the ‎experimental method using the experimental design of two experimental groups, ‎a sample of (10) in 2022/2023. The results indicated that the training program ‎based on some muscle contractions method's through proprioceptive/PNF using ‎methods under research and supported by Foam Roller have an effects positive in ‎developing some physical abilities under research to volleyball team, Helwan ‎university.‎


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