Sports E-marketing as a tool of promoting to major sports events (Saudi Games 2022) case study

Document Type : Original Article


Physical Education Department, Umm Alqura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia


Sports e-marketing is a branch of marketing that focuses on both the promotion of sports events and the promotion of other products and services through sports events that target beneficiaries. The research aims to identify the role of e- marketing as a tool of promoting to major sports events Saudi Games 2022. The research sample was selected randomly from the staff of Saudi Games 2022, (27/10 to 7/11/2022) where the basic research sample consisted of (241) individuals, and the pilot research sample consisted of (23) individuals. The researcher designed E- marketing questionnaire for major sports events Saudi Games 2022 and Administrative performance questionnaire in major sports events Saudi Games 2022. Conclusions: Major sports events organizations keen to implement their official website, High quality advertisements are included in their website, The beneficiaries’ axis of the administrative(staff) performance questionnaire Saudi Games 2022, and the axis of the reality of using e- marketing for the e- marketing questionnaire Saudi Games 2022.,The internal operations axis of the administrative performance questionnaire Saudi Games 2022 and the website design axis of the electronic marketing questionnaire Saudi Games 2022, Recommendation: Qualifying staff of high skills with e-marketing for major sports events, Encouraging e- marketing during major sports events, Establishing special organizations for e-marketing, Paying attention to advertising on major sports events website.


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