Drinking Dates Solution Has Positive Effects on Fencing Field Test Performance

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1 Department of Physical Education & Sport, College of Basic Education

2 Department of Physical Education & Sport, College of Basic Education


This study investigated the effect of drinking dates solution (DS) on fencing players' performance and physiological variables in field test. Six Kuwaiti fencing players participated in this study. The subjects completed five stages of a fencing performance test. Each stage included forward and backward steps, gradually increasing over four test repetitions. The distance and speed taken by forward and backward steps increased, and the subjects performed the test to exhaustion. This test was applied for each subject individually in three trials in random order. The trials consisted of the control test, in which nothing was consumed; the intervention test, where the subject was given dates solution (DS); and the final test, the placebo test, where the subjects drank an artificially sweetened drink containing zero calories. The trials were separated by 7 to 10 days. One-way repeated measures ANOVA test and the mean and standard deviation of the variables were calculated.. This study shows that drinking (DS) positively affects the subject's performance in this field test. Further studies need to examine this hypothesis.


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