The Effect of using S.A.Q exercises on the skills performance level for the Egyptian national volleyball players

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Department of Games, faculty of physical education, sadat city university


Physical fitness in volleyball is one of the most important requirements of modern volleyball. This is due to the fact that it is the decisive factor in winning matches, especially when the skill level of the teams is equal. It plays a big role in determining the level of performance in many volleyball skills. Clear in the ability of players to jump in most positions of the game and save balance or control the body.
the researcher was able to identify recommendations that benefit the work in the field of training for volleyball players is as follows:
1- To direct the results of this study and the training program used and the steps of its implementation to the workers in the field of training volleyball players to take advantage of these results.
2 - the use of the training of the Sakio for a higher rate of improvement and because of its significant impact in the advancement of skill levels skillfully.

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